Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Visit With Nikki And Mary Jane

On August 24, I went to Town Cats of Morgan Hill to visit. Town Cats is a private non-profit organization with the mission of maintaining a no-kill shelter for the cats awaiting for adoption. The facility is located in an industrial park occupying two units of the industrial space. There were close to 100 cats lounging and walking around with several volunteers working on caring for and cleaning after them. http://www.towncats.org/

I saw two cats that look exactly the same, assuming that they were littermates, I tentatively asked to be considered to be their mom. Lo and behold, Nikki and Mary Jane have no relationship to each other; Nikki is about 4-5 years old, born a stray in an apartment/trailer park in Morgan Hill while Mary Jane is 1-2 years old taken from a shelter in San Jose when her time there was "up".

Nikki, a very shy 4-5 year old, was trapped in an apartment/trailer park; stayed at Town Cats for 3 years, was adopted but returned. Another 1-1/2 years passed before I adopted her. This is her file photo on the website of Town Cats.

Mary Jane is a happy girl who loves to eat. I took this picture when I visited Town Cats on August 24. She does not have a "file photo", neither was she on the website of Town Cats.

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